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We hope to raise our own oyster larvae from brood stock and raise them to a size large enough to be placed in local waters and/or grown to market size and sold to support our activities.


Donated 50,000 oysters and 70,000 clams to the Town Trustees in October, at which time they were distributed into the waters of North Sea Harbor and Shinnecock Bay.

CPS is coordinating with the Town of Southampton and the Southampton History Museum to transform Conscience Point into an attractive destination for visitors.

Grew 200,000 oyster seed in our Flupsy to 1” size, transferred the oysters into bags and the bags into cages, and then placed the cages in our northern “growout” area northwest of Conscience Point.

Plan to “over winter” the balance of our oysters on the harbor bottom in our southern “growout” area near Fish Cove.

Used our donated Buzz Chew Chevy truck to haul equipment and deliver oysters.

Improved our facilities by replacing and expanding our storage area fencing and adding more fill to the area around the hatchery.

Our equipment suffered some damage during a fall nor’easter; we plan to make the necessary repairs over the winter.

Considering ways to build on the last two years of success with our CSA program and provide opportunities for more people to learn about Conscience Point Shellfish’s activities.

Successfully raised larvae in the conicles, then transferred them to the tanks, then to our Flupsy and finally to cages.

Donated 1,000 oysters for raffles to local fund raisers, including the Craig Robinson Memorial Scholarship Fund, North Sea Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Chinese Auction, and the Peconic Baykeeper’s Annual Fundraiser.

Gained new volunteers and are continuing to look for more individuals interested in helping us fulfill our missions of clean water, restoration, and education.


CPS created a Community Supported Agriculture Program which was reported in the April 27th Southampton Press by Lisa Daffy as “Shellfish Hatchery at Conscience Point Set Up A Summer CSA Providing Oysters”.

The first year of the CSA was a success and plans are to continue that program in 2019.  Ashley and Mark arranged a partnership with WLNG to advertise CPS and CSA for three months. An oyster prize was offered to listeners.

CPS became members of the Long Island Oyster Growers Association and the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension invited CPS to participate in hosting two 13 X 13 ft. FLUPSYs.  CCE would supply seed clams to be raised for use in regional restoration work.

In the summer, CPS received visitors from the League of Women Voters and the Southampton History Museum on Founders Day.


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In the spring of 2016, we participated in a larval oyster diet study in conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and successfully used algal paste as food to maintain planktonic oyster larvae to the stage where they could set on a substrate and grow.


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The Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery in North Sea, a non-profit that works toward improving local aquaculture, has sponsored a marine biologist to help restock Southampton Town waters with millions of oysters and clams in the years ahead, paid for by Mr. Harrison’s real estate business and Joe Tremblay of Bay Burger, through the Sag Harbor Oyster Club. Shellfish filter the water, provide nutrients for other sea creatures and Sag Harbor help stabilize the bay bottom.


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